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Be Part Of A Tribe – Why Training In A Group Is So Beneficial

8 January 2018

Large group exercise classes have been around for decades and small group training (semi-private training in groups of 4-6) have really gained popularity in the last decade. In this blog we examine why training in a group is so beneficial and how you can make the most out of group exercise.

Group exercise has numerous benefits but the biggest one is the deeper psychological benefits that come from training in a group environment. Throughout history human beings have lived in tight groups, small communities and tribes. In certain parts of the world tribes still exist. These small communities or tribes would usually consist of 30 – 50 people. These groups of people would support each other physically, mentally, emotionally and economically. As time has progressed, there has been an increase in finances and affluence, therefore people have become more independent and less reliant on the support of a group of people. However there is still a deep emotional and psychological desire for us to be part of a group. But why?

Well let’s relate this to our topic of group exercise. When we train in a group a few key things happen. Firstly relationships are built and we start to feel that deeper sense of belonging. You will probably see the same group of individuals attending group exercise classes. New people will join the class and then become part of the ‘tribe’. I know people that have made lifetime relationships through group exercise. When relationships are built, trust is built, deep down, we all want to trust people before we let them into our world. The second element that happens with group training is that we add an extra layer of accountability and social support. No longer are we just accountable to ourselves we are accountable to our ‘tribe’. This element of accountability leads us nicely into the third thing that happens with group training. It’s the one thing everyone exercises or joins a gym for… RESULTS! With accountability comes results. Because we don’t want to let ourselves and the rest of our ‘tribe’ down. The last thing that happens is that group exercisers create positive habits and adherence. The fact that group exercise is monitored and programmed by an instructor or personal trainer means that there is constant guidance, a workable programme and on going support. This makes it easy for an individual to attend, get a workout that is beneficial to them and maintain the regular habit because they don’t have to aimlessly wander around the gym, wondering what exercise to do next.

So if you are struggling with getting results, motivation or just exercise in general why not become part of a ‘tribe’ and reap the benefits of training in a group. Group exercise isn’t for everyone but it might just be for you!

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