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New Year, New You: Top Tips to Stick With The Gym

23 January 2017

It’s a new year, and a new you. January is the month of change, and the time when people across the country vow to make changes to their health and fitness. The gym is a fantastic way to give your body the regular workout it needs, helping you to get fit and healthy after the indulgent month of December. But whilst January draws crowds to the gym, a large percentage of attendees will have given up within a matter of months. If you’re worried you might fall into this trap, take a look at our top tips to stick with the gym, and how you can keep yourself motivated and happy with your new hobby and body transformation.

Seek social interaction

It has been suggested that the company of solely just machines is a big factor that sends people heading for the exit. But this problem has an easy solution, as most gyms will offer many opportunities to engage with others. One option is to sign yourself up to a group class; these sessions are often free to gym members, and the opportunity to work out alongside other people can both motivate and inspire, as well as offer you the chance to form friendships.

Personal trainers can provide you with a level of personal attention that can persuade you to keep coming back and can help you achieve your goals, providing tips and advice along the way.

Alternatively you could ask a friend to accompany you, as having a ‘gym buddy’ is a fantastic motivator.

Ease in slowly

It may be tempting to launch yourself with vigour into this new world of fitness, but this may result in waking up sore and resenting your next workout. Instead of diving in headfirst, ease yourself into a routine more slowly. Begin with 20 – 30 minute sessions once or twice a week, and slowly build up from there. This will get both your mind and body used to regular exercise and to the gym environment.

Routine is key

Creating a structured routine is vital for making gym attendance less of an effort. If your ‘gym time’ is unspecified, you could find yourself putting it off and barely attending at all. Instead, make it as immovable as cooking your dinner, or going to work, and avoid scheduling any other activities that will clash with your workout time.

Avoid the crowds

January heralds the arrival of a swarm of gym newbies who descend on the equipment en masse, making this month a chaotic introduction to gym life. To give yourself a more relaxing first impression, consider starting in February instead. Not only will it be quieter, but it will also give you time to kick-start other healthy habits in your life and to buy your workout clothes.

Embark on a healthier diet

After a long day’s work, the idea of exerting yourself on a treadmill can be an off-putting one. This may be partly due to lack of energy, which is something that can be partially solved by planning a healthier diet. Eating the right foods can not only boost the benefits of your workouts, can also impact on the body’s ability to function and increase your energy levels.

Get the gear

Treat yourself to some proper workout clothes. This simple action is guaranteed to raise your confidence and will help you to feel more comfortable at the gym. Not only this, but it will also send your subconscious the message that the gym is something worth investing in.

If you’ve made the decision to join the gym, the team at Kinetik Health & Wellness will be happy to welcome you. Our local Nottingham gym is kitted out to cater for all levels of experience, and our personal trainers are fully committed to helping you achieve your individual fitness goals. With a personal touch and dedication to all our clients, you can be sure that you will feel right at home with Kinetik. To book a free consultation, or find out more about our services, simply get in touch with us today.

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