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Muscle pain – not today!

29 March 2017

Having sore muscles can really be a pain in the… arm. Whether you’ve been maxing out your reps at the gym or simply find yourself having muscular pain, Kinetic Health & Wellness are here to offer advice. With a few simple steps, you can reduce your pain, so you can get back up and go in no time!

How to avoid and reduce muscle pain

  • Warm-ups and stretching: this is important to avoid any injuries. You may want to perform light cardiovascular exercises, such as a light jog on the treadmill or a leisurely stride on the cross trainer. The idea is to warm up, so it’s OK to take it easy, the idea is to get your heart pumping blood around your body to ensure that the blood is distributed equally, giving the whole body the oxygen it needs. A warm-up should last for 20 minutes, to mentally and physically prepare you for the training ahead. Warming up muscles will prevent injury and prepare the body for an increased heart rate.
  • Balanced diet: your nutrition will enhance your performance. Protein will help the growth and repair of your muscles. Carbohydrates, like cereals and whole wheat pasta will be broken down into sugars to give your body the energy it needs. Dairy, such as low-fat yogurts and milk are good for keeping your bones strong. Fats/sugars are needed but in small amounts and it’s good to stay away from saturated fats. Vitamins and minerals from fruit and vegetables are important and help your digestion. Keeping hydrated with plenty of water will also help your body recover, water flushes out the kidneys and also replaces the water expelled from the body when you exercise. Not to mention – it’s good for a clear complexion and a healthy mind!
  • Foam rolling: send your muscles to rehab with an inexpensive DIY technique that can get your muscles feeling as good as new. The idea is that you pop the foam roller underneath you and roll your body slowly over it, back and forth. Roll around the sore areas but not directly onto the sore spots, as this may only increase the inflammation.  
  • Ice baths and warm baths: this will reduce the swelling or soreness you feel, it’s important that you have a towel between you and the ice to prevent any ice burns. Although, this seems unpleasant you will be feeling much better after an ice bath. If that doesn’t do it for you, then take a warm bath with epsom salts, or place a hot water bottle/ heat pads on the sore area.
  • More exercise: believe it or not, more exercise will help your muscles grow and eventually the pain will decrease. However, once you feel no soreness this means that your muscles are getting too used to your routine. You must improve your workouts by increasing the weights, resistance or doing more repetitions. Not only is it important to change up your exercises, it’s fun as well! 

Here with Kinetic Health & Wellness, we’re here to offer advice to ensure everyone’s health and wellbeing. We love to enhance workouts, offer solutions and provide the motivation to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re a member of the gym or not, it’s important to keep a balanced diet and your muscles nice and healthy. If you would like anymore information, please get in touch today, your health is important to us.

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