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Why Mindfulness Is So Important For Busy People…

14 January 2020

Mindfulness has become a real buzz word in recent years when it comes to holistic health and mental health in particular. You may have been told to practice mindfulness or that it can help you in a multitude of ways but you may not even know what mindfulness is and or how it will benefit you.

So I thought I would start with my definition of mindfulness then explain why mindfulness is so beneficial to you, especially if you’re a “busy” person.

My definition of mindfulness:

“Being totally present in the current moment (the now) whilst being aware of your body and your thoughts. Without judging yourself, your thoughts or your actions.”

There are many different ways you can practice mindfulness some techniques are easy some take more practice but the key word here is PRACTICE. I truly believe that mindfulness is a skill that can be learnt, practiced, developed and improved over time. I have personally been a meditator since 2015 and it has not only been a learning experience for me but has literally transformed all areas of my life, NO JOKE! I do my very best to practice some form of mindfulness every single day.

Here are just a few of the reasons why mindfulness is so important if you are a busy person:

Reduction of Stress

You don’t even have to take my word on this one. This has been proven by thousands of scientific studies, from all around the world. A study at Havard showed that a regular mindfulness practice can reduce stress and anxiety in office workers. Another study from the University of California showed that mindfulness is as effective as anti-depressants. Another from the Michigan Tech University showed that one 10 minute mindfulness session reduced anxiety, blood pressure and stress on the brain, as quickly as one hour after the session.

“Our results show a clear reduction in anxiety in the first hour after the meditation session, and our preliminary results suggest that anxiety was significantly lower one week after the meditation session,” said lead study author John J. Durocher, PhD, an assistant professor of physiology in the department of biological sciences at Michigan Technological University. “Participants also had reduced mechanical stress on their arteries an hour after the session. This could help to reduce stress on organs like the brain and kidneys and help prevent conditions such as high blood pressure.”

Helps with cognitive function

Let me ask you how many times have you suffered from ‘brain fog’ or a lack of mental clarity?

This is a common problem amongst busy professionals. Impaired cognitive function leads, to a decrease in productivity, difficulty solving problems, an inability to communicate effectively and a lack of focus/concentration. All of which are vitally important to be successful and productive whilst doing your job or running your business. Brain scans have shown that people who regularly practice mindfulness and in particular some sort of meditative practice, light up more areas of their brains. These people have an increased ability to access and utilise both the logical (left side of the brain) and the creative/imaginative (right side of the brain), more efficiently and effectively. Could you do with some more brain power? Mindfulness could be the solution for you.

Pain Management and Pain Reduction

Havard must be the place for studies on mindfulness because research they have conducted showed that mindfulness helps with people’s ability to cope with pain and also reduce both acute and chronic pain. From experience I know that, many busy people particularly those who work behind a desk, a laptop or drive a lot and lets face it that’s the vast majority of us, suffer from aches and pains. The most common areas being the neck and shoulders, lower back and knees. One study in particular showed that people with chronic pain that practiced 10 minutes of mindfulness per day reported suffering less pain and being more active then they were before they started mindfulness.

Here are 3 huge benefits of mindfulness to you, if you are a ‘busy’ individual and their are hundreds if not thousands more. I’m not going to get into how you can start practicing mindfulness, if you need help with this then send me an email or direct message. I will finish the blog by asking you these questions…

Are you willing to spend just 5-10 minutes per day to benefit all areas of your health and wellbeing?

What would your life be like if you were less stressed, more productive and pain free?

What other practice/technique do you know of, that is 100% FREE and gives you such profound results?

The days of saying; “I don’t have time for mindfulness” “I can’t do it” Or “That mindfulness rubbish doesn’t work” are over! 

Yours in health

Ali West

Kinetik Fitness

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